DU Vice-Chancellor Address The Issue Of Different State Board Results That Affect Admissions Of Students


New Delhi: (DU) Delhi University’s vice-chancellor Yogesh Singh in an interview with The Indian Express, admits that “In the present system, there are issues which are to be addressed. We cannot ignore the performances of students of different boards, like Uttar Pradesh Board… They are not liberal vis-à-vis other boards. They are very tight while giving marks. So their students may be suffering; they are. If they want to take admissions in Delhi University, they don’t have a fair chance.”

The VC said that the current system of education at the university has facing some issues, as different school education boards marked students differently to generate deviation.

In the interview, Vcalso mentioned that he was looking at the procedure of how to conduct admissions next year and the process will be finalized by the Academic Council (AC), in the meeting on December 10 of 2021. After the approval done from the Executive Council (EC), on December 12 of the year. 

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The VC said that” the first option in the admission procedure is to continue with the present system of admission. The second way would be the regulation of marks of the various state and national boards. For example, on a board, the topper gets 90% of the marks and on other board, the topper scores 70% marks. We all can make 100% of equalization that marks of the students could not determine the merit list. This way of suggestion is slightly different to implement because some of the state or national boards might does not submit accurate data. There are some more issues, but they are doable. Like BITS (Birla Institue of Technology) used to done in their initial stage. 

VC also acknowledges the other way in the option where they can go for the entrance examination test namely as – the Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) or coming up with their own Delhi University (DU)’ entrance test. Which have a mixed-mode of admission that consists of 50% marks of entrance test and 50 % marks of their 12th board qualifying marks. 

In the December 10th meeting VC will admit this issue to the Academic Council (AC). By the ending of this month, they will come out and finalize the students will get accurate preparation time. If the council goes for an entrance test or CUCET is a good option for the admissions. VC also mentioned that DU Delhi University will open the practicals for all the batches very soon of Undergraduate programmes. But for the theory classes, the capacity of students in several colleges is only considered to allow only for 50% of the extent. 

Singh also said in the interview with Indian Express that faculty recruitment will be a regular process at the University of Delhi. On the demand of HOC faculty, it would be possible under the law and we will do it. I cannot go beyond the laws of the university.”.

In the ending note, VC said that the focus would be on improving the student-teacher ratio, quality, introducing consultancy, and quantity of research.

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